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2018 in Books

Right folks, I'm back to blogging, and first up is this long overdue post which has been sitting in my drafts all year!  It includes affiliate links. I lost my reading mojo a bit in 2017 - I didn't make much time for it, and the books I did read were either not that great, or audiobooks, which I enjoy but take much longer to get through.  After reading only 10 books in 2017, I set my Goodreads challenge for 2018 at 12, in the hopes that I could manage one book per month.  I can safely say that setting the bar low helped and I've rediscovered my voracious appetite for reading, as in 2018 I read 26 books! 1. La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman ( The Book of Dust  #1) The His Dark Materials trilogy is my enduring all-time favourite set of books.  I've had other favourites over the years, but these three are always right at the top of my list, and I feel the magic again every time I re-read them.  I was so excited to hear that Philip Pullman was releasing anot